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Oct. 2016 issue No.154

red bass


Sunrise perch sashimi and sushi

This fish is the name of a grunt, belongs to the Perciformes Suzuki suborder grouper Anthiinae subfamily pink maomao genus, which is another kind is the grunt of Perciformes Suzuki suborder Haemulidae grunt genus.


English name sunrise perch is a fellow of the grouper, inhabit the reef zone of water depth 50~200m of south central Honshu, length will be about 30cm.

Although the image above is a male, male and female can be distinguished in appearance. The characteristics of the male, is one that the black dorsal fin mottle is clear and the black people, the second is that it stands out the presence of the yellow streaks of over the face from the head. The female is not only they do not stand out, have an overall red color. Then, when it is time that the female is in the interesting ecology sunrise perch to a sex change to male.

Sunrise perch is not from the general rainy season as grunt fish to see many over the summer, is catch autumn from summer, is a fish that will let see a number, not a major presence, such as a grunt. Since sunrise perch is such as it looks too flashy, not a fish that wants originally general consumers to buy immediately saw the figure, if anything, the past fisheries officials that wants to purchase the fish was less.

Unused fish are rising prices

But recently, like people who reach for even minor fish such as this sunrise perch it has become more and more, there is a "price of minor unused fish is soaring" new movement in various parts of Japan.

The small fish catches and poor appearance, without apparent mostly in the fish market, the fish that if is also referred to as unused fish and minor fish were often discarded on the ship as they were caught, has been attracting attention recently. Previous attempts of trying to effective use of fish such unfamiliar, such seems is spreading around the tavern of the big city.

The fish is not a problem basically eating, for the reason to be a fish never and familiar a bad fish shape, grotesque deep-sea fish of fish and appearance that had been discarded without sold, unusual information about the fish is spread by the Internet, a fish that has not been only eat only a particular region at a time in an increasing number of people who want to eat, tavern one after another opening that was the sashimi and cooked food using these to the main menu doing.

In that store, for example Bermuda catfish with sharp teeth in the elongated black body, such as rabbitfish off a distinctive smell, so far this kind of fish is not to be traded at a decent price in the market, looked down upon it is than the other fish It is treated on there were many. However firm to handle these fish take a long time under treatment in the tavern, it seems in such a way of dishing together with the general fish "Random set" has become the store of popular products.

Such a movement is not only a part of the Tokyo and Osaka metropolitan shop, tavern's across the country are beginning to have the same kind of interest and one after another, until now is more and more the price of minor fish was able to purchase at throwaway prices phenomenon arises up is is happening across the country.

Pioneering presence proposed the use of unused fish

Although thing too late needless to say, our FISH FOOD TIMES from when start the website in 2004, focused on the unused fish and minor fish, there are circumstances that have introduced a number of such a fish in a previously published issue of the following, in that respect there is a pride that it is one of the pioneering presence.

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Is a fair price?

Because basically unused fish and minor fish, as it represents its words, they are because it is a minor position, it was a big feature price is cheap as its benefits. Now also in the supply of those fish that does not change the previous, if now more than in the inquiries from the food service industry with a focus on tavern go growing more and more, will be the purchase price go up, the benefits will fade gradually.

In fact in the whole country of the local market, it is no doubt what is happening one after another such phenomenon. However, the higher their price, fishermen even This is not a catch because not unused fish in money, had led to if caught is discarded from the on a ship behavior, fishermen this to opportunity is course correction in the direction of more and more fishing aggressively unused fish, if that supply is increased, it is considered that there is no than not that unlikely be also calm down prices again.

That said, the price is settle down, like lament the fisherman does not come out even oil bill at this price, not seem an appropriate price to return to the price of the dirt cheap, also at a price to the fishermen in the mood while there, I wonder is not the important thing is the price that can be used even in the side stocking.

After all, the retail side to assemble the business with the fish, and fishermen supply side caught a fish, should be both a relationship of feel the benefits, "Win-Win". Speaking of either the past, only the retail and food service industry is profit unfairly by using a cheap fish, fishermen even though it has already been work over a period of life, at a cheap price that does not even fish in oil purchase costs dissatisfaction that can only be sold had the fishermen. Such a result the relationship has been followed, fishermen are not some people of the heir of the work, he is now supposed to be the future of Japan's fishing industry is threatened.

From job site feeling to retail the fish, when use the raw fish in sashimi and sushi, there is that purchase for the price of raw fish guideline, but sensuously can somehow calculate the profit equal to or less than 1,000 yen per kg, that make a profit of more than 1,000 yen / kg, become a little more difficult. This is hardly profitable to be set in its own way a high level of the selling price when it comes to the purchase price of more than 1,500 yen / kg, firm also with a considerable volume if it is exactly the 500 yen / kg or less of the price to reverse earn it is possible, is a feeling in the field is that.

In the retail job site of the fish, but such roughly the guideline is established, is perhaps the case of the food service industry, purchase price per kg is should hold true even plus by 500 yen to it, when it comes to further restaurant level, the difference between the purchase price is greater It is able to guess.

In other words, the phenomenon of soaring prices of minor unused fish that are currently occurring in across the country, it can be assumed that the movement of the food service industry with a focus on tavern rather than the retail level are causing this.

Treatment of minor fish in the fish department

On the other hand in the supermarket fish counter, I wonder what kind of change in the treatment of minor unused fish is out. Early notice such companies to the benefits of dealing with unused fish, have advanced ideas than any company, there is a wealth of knowledge about the raw fish, there is a reliable technology that finish in the product using these, some But over the hands of the people, it is thought to store executives is operated to mount to differentiate itself from competitors.

On the contrary, the company that has come up with efficiency and rationalization and labor-saving to the front, it is difficult to enjoy the benefits brought about by dealing with the kind of fish. Because those fish just was directly pack without the need for manual labor, it is a fish that does not sell as well as try to sell to the easier, in order to change them to the money, because the time and effort is required.

In the past, minor fish and untapped fish is only caught a little in some of the fish market of the region, the person in charge of the local fishmonger's and local supermarket fish department accustomed to these treats mainly purchase, this by even without having to be only a little bit of the sales, because they are purchased at cheaper unbelievable price, it has been to hog a large benefit to be obtained from there.

However, in the case of purchase person in charge of the major supermarkets, they do not even look to the half-hearted unknown raw fish that number is not aligned, so wants to purchase only the well-known fish in the range of their experience, is such a well-known fish, even if caught in larger amount than usual, so take a lot of buyers that including such major supermarkets, so the price is supposed to remain high not lowered, after all originally purchase price will be relying on sales of not even farmed fish and thawing fish cheap, customers will be complain of the contents of "fish can not buy higher".

On the other hand, the local fishmonger's and local supermarket fish department personnel who are familiar treats minor fish landed in the local market, can not imitate the major supermarkets in the funds the high profits obtained by their fish you can achieve a low price, also by or to operate aggressively and face-to-face sales floor that assortment of various types of raw fish, evaluated as "cheap raw fish freshness is well can not buy only here" to local customers shop to be is to exist as a thriving shops around the country.

While such era was followed by a long, by the food service industry with a focus on tavern come to here, focusing on the minor fish part of the people of the region have a monopoly, it began to seed of business, ahead situation has occurred all over the country who wrote in, purchase the person in charge of the fish department of the local supermarket, "Unlike the old days, so much cheaper was fish is has become so high now" have lamented.

Such a move is whether the phenomenon of temporary fashion, or whether to settle as a solid flow, but do not is visible to the still clear, the fact that such a large movement recently has occurred in the country I want you to understand.

But to say that because it is likely, the give up the handling of minor fish from the beginning as early a little care, not just fish that were introduced in FISH FOOD TIMES in the past, such as those described above, if it is not of interest yet, Moreover, because the delicious fish are plenty in Japan, one in which without attention just farmed fish and thawing fish from now on, I want you to put the power to take advantage of minor fish and unuse fish.

Taste and nutrition of the fish skin

Well sunrise perch is one of this minor fish that I have purchased, those of 1 fish about 1.4kg in the shop was a selling price of 1,500 yen. Although the retail selling price is not cheap at this time, is relatively affordable as the fish of the luxury fish grouper, it was not a price can not buy.

You should be careful when you cook sunrise perch is that there is a fleshy characteristic that and cook fish is a little stiff. This time In consideration its features, avoided such as boiled through the fire, all of the parts that can be eaten was in sashimi and sushi.

As another feature, the skin with vivid colors is very tasty. For this time to bring out the taste of the skin, it was commercialized in the process of the yakishimo (broiled) and yushimo (light half boyle). The following image is the process.

Sunrise perch skin commercialization process
yakishimo (broiled) yushimo (light half boyle)
赤イサキ 赤イサキ
1、Place the ice on top of the metal container of the structure to drop the moisture, to place while wearing the skin of the side of the body of sunrise perch on top of the ice. 1、Put the skin into the boiling water, lightly boiled, cooled in ice water, put on top of the water-absorbent paper.
赤イサキ 赤イサキ
2、Scorch in general to the extent that little burn to the skin with a burner. 2、Covered with a water-absorbent paper from above。
赤イサキ 赤イサキ
3、Scorch and curling toward the skin, because this in a cumbersome later, scorch and warpage is reduced while wearing a belly bone as their workarounds. 3、It remains wrapped in water-absorbent paper and allowed to stand for a while.
赤イサキ 赤イサキ
4、Since Broiled the skin surface in the heat has become warm and cool the surface with ice skin down. 4、Water absorption paper is taken out of the skin from absorbing moisture, is a little dried while cool in the refrigerator.
赤イサキ 赤イサキ
5、Broiled the surface of the skin, cold finished state. 5、Lightly boiled cold skin, chop slender.
The broiled was hiratsukuri sashimi and no skin usutsukuri sashimi combination skin of yushimo, products ready.


This month's issue of the Intro image in combination also sushi as well as sashimi, have laid the slender chopped skin from the lightly half boil in the middle of the product. This is I think that considerably deviate from the common-sense rules to commercialize the sashimi and sushi, this time has been in the position to stand out the skin dare in this way. That author is because looking at the "sunrise perch is delicious valuable part most is the skin than the meat."

Fish skin is something you throw away rather than the site to eat, those who have a prejudice with but seems to be common in this world, I want you to also know that the fish skin rich nutrition is more than the body.

The main component of fish skin is collagen, skin and muscle, bone, blood vessels, such as the organization is composed of a protein called collagen. Since the amino acid that is used in the synthesis of collagen in the body are not included in the proteins other than collagen, it is better for the organization of the human body of the skin and blood vessels that food firmly ingested collagen from fish skin.

In addition, the fish skin is rich in which tends to be insufficient nutrition in the day-to-day life, in addition to the collagen is rich in vitamin A and vitamin B2, which plays an important role in carbohydrate metabolism, maintain the health of the mucous membranes . Especially the back of the skin contains many zinc which is a type of mineral. When the zinc is insufficient which is likely to cause dermatitis and alopecia, but that further men zinc deficiency is also the cause of ED is you want to avoid somehow become causing.

For the average adult male, I should think strongly with ED just want to avoid by all means. But to say that because it is likely, as the reverse effect and excessive intake of zinc, seems to become even cause of growth and prostate cancer taste failure or cancer cells or decrease the immune function.

Japan in the mineral there is little soil, it is said that the people of zinc deficiency is often because the mineral is low in water and vegetables than the Western. 12mg daily zinc intake of Japanese adult males, but more than 9mg in adult women have been preferred, the actual average intake is the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare released a report of that it 9mg or less per day did.

Because these Japanese environment, but it's of course to eat the famous oysters in a multi of the content of zinc, it should be encouraged actively to eat without leaving a zinc-rich skin at the time of the fish to consumers it is. At the same time, as of yushimo skin of red snapper of the following image, sunrise perch will also be considered also to sell just as commercialized rather than throw away the skin that came out in the sashimi.


Preceding profit and niche

This month in the theme of sunrise perch, it mentioned that of unused fish and minor fish, and even more have also mentioned to the site of skin of the fish that has been abandoned if say.

I think it can be said that the so-called niche part, depending on whether the company or person can direct the firm eye to this kind of aspect, think happy thoughts in the prior profit is whether dependent or can be.

When FISH FOOD TIMES is that started the website in January 2004, 13 years ago, started from the theme of "the origin of the idea of syunsen sashimi assorted", but did not only wrote only a short sentence in the first issue, in its "the contents of the sashimi is wonder may only combination of farmed fish and thawing fish" had hit a simple question that as one of the idea to.

And follow in the 2004 March issue No.3, was described as below. In the following, almost entirely reprinted as it is its contents.

FISH FOOD TIMES 2004 March issue

Syunsen sashimi 5 fish platter 580 yen

In a normal supermarket fish department, what is said to sashimi platter, it is often with the farmed fish and thawing fish to enter the hand as a basic material anytime, anywhere.
 For this reason, have even in terms of technology good poor of the differences between the companies, basically the difference of contents is little, the aspect that tends to be price competition for the same kind of merchandise.
 However, this "syunsen sashimi platter" is aware of the existence of the moment such commercialization, the company still does not have much example that has developed advanced this, by differentiation of its specificity, this product is well It has become a high happy commodity of profit selling.
 Speaking of why well sell, What to say one of the factors is that "cheap".
Selling price of this 580 yen, no doubt if you with the level close to the "half maximum" of the usual sashimi Assorted five platter.
 Because it calculates the one by one goods in order to confirm the cheap of the cost, it is definitely that can be secured about 50% markup rate, markup rate would also be enough.
Speaking of why such a thing is possible, it is a "sashimi using the raw fish was purchased on the day" is making this possible.
 For example, the following photo is a material that uses the above syunsen platter. Photo of the lower of them is the raw fish in the state were lined to department, that lower is a naked round fish bought in this day.

The "syunsen platter", is that the sashimi using such "raw fish".
Not basically used the farmed fish and thawing fish of "high stability", super running the "idea" that with the fresh raw fish in the "sashimi platter" is not still almost non-existent.
 This product is to say a little exaggerated, I feel that it is products that have "changed the working system of the fisheries departments, the possibility to change the profit structure."
 While not so uncommon sashimi of single item made with fresh raw fish, an example that combines the things that made possible by combining these "fascination of the combination" to commercialization is small.
 They not only can be more than the common sense of the markup rate of sashimi platter, it is possible to appeal to the cheapness of the more who can think "exceptional value" to customers.
 And, if so this is more and more sell, going to be the profit margins continue to improve in proportion to this.

Another commodity flatfish using fish of the above photo


In other words, even in fish retail industry there is a concept of "preceding profit and niche", by there or is too early or late notice, sales and profits are want to say that the very different.

Product called Syunsen sashimi platter, since the company was less are aware of this benefit as long as 13 years ago, was able to acquire a large preceding profit. However, as has been noted in this month's issue, now that food service industry, such as a tavern has become a natural fish the purchase scavenge situation that becomes the story of syunsen sashimi platter is, in order to obtain a good result in the syunsen sashimi platter when already entered the era of too late, it should be determined that it is no longer already able to earn large profits as of old.

But avid reader from the old days of FISH FOOD TIMES is, to assume that the previous articles has continued extending the great performance in the reference.

Because what kind of study avid reader, who noticed niche faster than, is because I think I have been enjoying the preceding profit.

An opinion and the communication are to iinfo@fish food times

Date of updating Oct.1, 2016