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Aug. 2016 issue No.152



Longtail tuna hiratsukuri sashimi

Do you know the fish that longtail tuna.

In general, not well known, even in the fisheries industry who are selling the fish rather than, people who are familiar with the fish in the image below is likely that it is probably rare.


"It is well know, it's parr bluefin tuna," I want the readers who said that a look at the image below.


They are lined up two kinds of tuna in this. Which is which of the one, or will be able to distinguish. For those who which can clearly explain what species of fish, I want to compliment the "truly professional!".

Some people they can not distinguish very well, will be able to tell the difference between looking at the following image.


Sorry in words that were rush by in a roundabout way. Shorter fish is in the parr bluefin tuna on the image, looks a little elongated's Longtail tuna.

Longtail tuna is, breast fin is relatively longer than the parr bluefin tuna, in the form is slender towards Ass fin of the tail fin, which is the morphological characteristics has become slightly longer.


Longtail tuna is, Perciformes, mackerel suborder, mackerel family, mackerel subfamily, tuna group, tuna species, yellowfin subgenus, are classified in Longtail tuna, scientific name Thunnus (Neothunnus) tonggol, bluefin tuna of appearance similar is, They are classified into bluefin tuna subgenus in the tuna genus.

Longtail tuna is almost no landings throughout the year, is a tuna that do not hardly see less stock amount enough to be called a ghost in the fish market, people who have a clear understanding that the Longtail tuna is small even in the market participants, trading price at the fish market is also very cheap to the actual situation.

In the supermarket there are inexperienced buyers, touted from market participants, "I have young fish of cheap bargain tuna ...", there is also a possibility, which is sold under the name of Yokowa or Meji is in store fish department .

Name of Longtail tuna that are not only up to about the size of 1 meters, may be due to the fact that the form of toward Ass fin of the tail fin is somewhat slender long, which is also referred to as the Tongari in Kyushu from the old days, scientific name of Thunnus (Neothunnus) tonggol is believed to have been taken from this Tongari.

According to one document, but it seems the season of Longtail tuna is from the autumn and winter, this time where the author has tried to dismantle the Longtail tuna, since the large eggs refrained from spawning up close had entered the belly, Longtail tuna spawning is considered that it is the early summer of late than the spring, the season has been arbitrarily guess the author that it is exactly the period from spring to summer in the reverse of its material.

Inhabit areas of Longtail tuna is, the Sea of Japan through Kyushu west coast from Toyama Prefecture, and is from the Pacific Ocean coast of Japan in central south over the Indian Ocean, is like living in a little warm sea.

Originally the Longtail tuna that would have less landings, and has become the unusual good catch in Nagasaki to July from June of this year, under the article is marked that it has been many Longtail tuna in Nagasaki in June landing cage, July also seemed to continue the same trend.


In fact, the author is a mid-June that got the Longtail tuna of image, of about 2kg little over of size has been sold at 680 yen per fish. Since the parr of bluefin tuna, which are compared in the above image was one fish 1,980 yen in the same kind of size, Longtail tuna is it was a one-third of the price.

To dismantle the Longtail tuna purchased, it tried to commercialization as below.

Dismantling and commercialization of Longtail tuna
コシナガ コシナガマグロ
1、It opened the belly, came out a big egg, showed that it is soon time to greet the spawning. 9、The middle bone in the upper, open up to put the knife under the bone of the ass fin side.
コシナガ コシナガ
2、Put the knife in the cross multiply, so as to leave the many body parts, even a little. 10、Medium bone while being above, carve out put a kitchen knife from under the bone you remove the back fin.
コシナガ コシナガマグロ
3、Dropping the head with a cross multiply, it becomes a state in which the body of the cut tip protrudes. 11、It was disassembled in three pieces, state after the removal of the belly bone.
コシナガ コシナガマグロ
4、Put a shallow cut on both sides of the bottom of the dorsal fin in the unexpected twist knife method. 12、Put a sashimi knife to the left side of the Chiai bone of the lower body, advance cut to the nearest skin.
コシナガ コシナガマグロ
5、Remove in the manner of press-cutting the entire dorsal fin. 13、Proceed to the left at an angle a sashimi knife in an L shape, remove the skin so as to slide the top of the skin.
コシナガ コシナガマグロ
6、State removing the dorsal fin from the body 14、State the removal of the abdominal skin of the lower body.
コシナガマグロ コシナガマグロ
7、Put the knife on top of the bone in the side of the dorsal fin, which was removed by dismantling the two. 15、Using the same method as belly body, remove the body of the back.
コシナガマグロ コシナガマグロ
8、State that was disassembled into two pieces, remove the lower body 16、State to remove the skins and dark colored flesh of fish bone of the back and abdomen of the lower body.
hiratsukuri sashimi using the one of the back
Nigirisushi using one abdominal


When you purchase one of the Longtail tuna of about 2kg, it is capable of various goods, including sashimi and sushi as above image, the lowest 2,000 yen or more in the selling price can be lightly commercialized.

To July from June of this year, buying a lot of 500 yen or less cheap Longtail tuna in the size of about one 2kg, it sold the store that was a good think and is should there not a little, excellent so cost performance today products seems to be or not than not much.

But knowing that it is not the Yokowa the Longtail tuna, if sold in this kind of name, if there is a store that has made unfair profits, this is a fraud, must be blame.

Fish Food Times is in 58 dogtooth tuna hiratsukuri sashimi (October 2008 issue), dogtooth tuna "mackerel family, mackerel subfamily, oriental bonito group, dogtooth tuna species" refers to things, was described as below.

Dogtooth tuna is on the grounds that it is tuna, it should not be in things like sell at misleading expressions such as "raw tuna in coastal waters."

In areas with Japan, know that you Katsuotataki and expression unabashedly a broiled of oriental bonito, as if to a treatment, such as the real Katsuotataki, there is a selling store. However, this is also the bonito genus of oriental bonito genus is a different kind of fish, but that should not be doing.
Still this fishmongers and fish department is doing majestically in a cold blood face "business trick," It should be self-discipline that the have strangled their neck after all around traveling around.

When you sell a dogtooth tuna is, clearly display the name, was linked to the purchase price, it should be provided in some of the undervalued selling price accordingly.

When asked to "Why raw tuna is so cheap that?" With customers, dogtooth tuna is any fish that's how tightly explains, want to buy to convince the difference to the customer.
The fish business is not impossible if you try to deceive intentionally customers such as the name. Industry but there was a time when that such had been-class rampant unabashedly, is not the age of the other such a thing is allowed.

No matter how painful sales and profits, what where you go through a complete attitude is, the end of the last to survive.


This content as it is true for Longtail tuna. Although I think it is unlikely that fisheries officials mistake and bluefin tuna the dogtooth tuna, because the bluefin tuna and is too much like it looks as if the Longtail tuna called "ghosts", not is it so difficult to deceive the ignorant people.

By the way, bluefin tuna is not the one type speaking scientifically, is divided into two kinds of Pacific Ocean bluefin tuna and Atlantic bluefin tuna. It is distinguished because they differ in the number of sites called gill sieve that projections on the inner side of the gills became bow that can not be seen by the appearance under the gill cover.

But this is a distinction on the appearance is almost impossible in a professional, because there is no problem be treated as the same bluefin tuna is an industry common sense.

Bluefin tuna, which is said to be "tuna in the tuna" is, because that is traded at a high price, not exhausted the topic related to the bluefin resources all over the world. For example, under the right of the newspaper article is the United States of private grant-making foundation Pew Charitable Trust called the "Pacific Ocean commercial fishing should be stopped two years of bluefin tuna", catch of tuna extinction of bluefin tuna if it is left of the current situation inevitable but, as has been noted that they have sounded the alarm bells.

In the foundation said in a statement, declined to 2.6% of the North Pacific Ocean tuna International Scientific Committee parent fish resources the amount of the initial resources amount of bluefin tuna in this year's stock assessment, 1% or less likely to play a resource recovery over the next 20 years to stay, if the 2018 does not have bluefin tuna commercial fishing ban of two years, it has warned the CITES (Convention on International trade in species of wild Fauna and Flora endangered) is the only choice.

By the way, but a little story deviates, it is it comes to whales, not the bluefin tuna, IWC "International Whaling Commission" in 1982 passed a resolution to suspend commercial whaling (moratorium). By 1990 conducted a comprehensive assessment of the impact of the amount of resources, the agreement on has been defined as to consider a new catch limits set, but IWC have done every year study since 1990, still resuming commercial whaling a fact not possible to obtain.

In Fish Food Times, No.148 minke whale of Unesu slice (2016 April), and No.148-2 mink whale red meat of sashimi and nigiri sushi (2016 April) of As noted among to, commercial whaling temporary result the stop lasted more than 30 years, cetaceans which species even then there is a fact that more and more increase. If the proposal is really the implementation of "Pacific Ocean bluefin tuna two years stop commercial fishing", bluefin tuna, not even two years far from in the same way, in the same way as the whale, there is a possibility that one by one to stop measures be continued as it is .

On the other hand, Capture of the living fish of Yokowa that becomes a natural seedling for bluefin tuna farming in Japan of this year, industry officials is well enough to say, "It's banner year of natural seedlings this year." This year is a momentum approaching 530,000 9,000 fish in 2011 Actual (catch limit by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries instruction), he is not a serious situation is seen that the depletion of bluefin tuna in waters near Japan.


Although this is in two of the article is the opposite of events and opinions at all in Japan and the United States are represented, with regard to the bluefin tuna that across the Pacific Ocean, is considered to be in for the same thing and follow the original. The figure below is what is written in the "biology of tuna and resources" (Fisheries Research Center, ed.), into the peritoneal cavity of the bluefin tuna Marine Fisheries Research Institute of the zero-year-old fish of about 50 cm from 1995 with a pop-up archival tags, and the experiment was released the fish about 13,000 of Nagasaki Prefecture from Tsushima waters. Then, there are individuals who have migration to the west coast of North America over a period of about a year and a half in, the length has grown to 88p, moving distance's what was reached to 7,600km.

To return to the North American coastal waters of the lucky individuals again Tsushima off the coast that are not captured in the offing, also if it is possible to survive there even safely, it seems there are also individuals who come out to further re-migratory. Be separated in Japan and North America across the vast Pacific Ocean is 8,000q, will we should see that it is feeling, such as the carp that live in the same pond for the Pacific Ocean bluefin tuna.


Some bluefin tuna that so much of the large migration, to the to also have those that stay in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean, also to have others to migratory large Japanese waters without going too far as shown in the figure below in, the actual situation is it is a variety of. As of the United States of private grant-making foundation Pew Charitable Trust, seems that it is a little dangerous reasoning to decide prematurely in dogmatic numerical ecology too simple of bluefin tuna.


Environment surrounding the bluefin tuna at the moment, there is a thing of the above as one of the side. On the other hand, Capture of the living fish of Yokowa to be Seedling by the full farming from eggs has increased in the last fiscal year 540 thousand 8,000 fish, this is a calculation that has increased to nearly nearly doubled in 2014, this year increased production of further artificial seed is of a still followed by going outlook.

Thus expensive fish such as bluefin tuna, such as increased production by the effort and artificial seeds and seedlings of species of survival have been made all over the world. However, for example, "ultra-minor tuna", such as the Longtail tuna taken up as the current theme is to not have been little known to the world, also in the fisheries industry officials, people of non-study is also do not know of its existence.

In other words, since the Longtail tuna is in the presence of a minor that are not well known, the price is usually to be very cheap, by the use of them if you're even freshness in sashimi and sushi, can bring significant benefits.

Taste of Longtail tuna is is unreasonable to expect the amount of fat, such as bluefin tuna. It is weak red color, meat quality is similar to soft and without firmness, if anything albacore tuna.

Because customers may not buy easily is under the trade name of Longtail tuna, if used as a assorted material of sashimi and sushi, and should be able to reduce significantly the cost of goods, yet customers do not feel dissatisfied with the taste considered.

If you make the cut of the selling price that the cost will be cheaper, it should surely customers also rejoice, it is killing two birds with one stone because the seller side will be also increase the value put rate.

Because in the sea is an unknown world that can not easily know a human living in the ground, it seems sometimes the fish species of the rise and fall by the environmental change has occurred imperceptibly.

Fish that important in the business of fish, which by the the United States of private grant-making foundation Pew Charitable Trust, "bluefin tuna caught is not the future" not swayed by environmental pessimism exaggerated sea with, what is happening in the world of the sea calmly grasp the reality of the species rise and fall, it is important to consider firmly you how to deal with necessary at that point.

In history, it is also there when not caught the saury as some years, also there is also a year in which sardine is big catch as through this year from last year. The period is decades and the long of the regime shift, look-ahead of the sea of environmental change is often unreliable. Those who sell the fish in the past of numerical data and historical facts and to many collecting a number of high-precision reality, there precisely to grasp accurately the useful information to the business of fish from is important.

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