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Jul. 2016 issue No.151



Stingray sashimi & sushi

I want to ask the people of the reader. Have you ever seen the goods, such as the image above in the vicinity of the fish department. I think it is not most people never probably never seen.

Perhaps in the country somewhere in the fish department, is it may be that I saw are lined up fillets of this fish. Also it might also shop that sells actually, but the sashimi and sushi will no doubt to say that not nearly exist.

And, such as selling naked to show the figure remains round the fish, the fish department of the seller must not even think.

アカエイ アカエイ

It all is said and done, because they were such a figure is a fish that stingray, is a fish that was the hard way that to say that the very cute, even if there's such a grotesque fish in the fish department, customers are bad feelings it may not approach the sales floor.

In addition, this stingray is also dead, is dangerous to the touch of landed directly carelessly directly. It is in the image of under an enlarged, it is this part that was surrounded by a circle.


Originally, but ought to had a long thorns here, this thorn is so dangerous there is a poison, come carried cut away on a fishing boat or a fish market. So it is hardly to see this even fishmonger's.

When stung by a long thorn, attacked by a severe pain it is that of a few weeks the pain continues. That the thorns have returns blade such as a saws tooth, seems easy to difficult to disconnect it is when stung by it. Its poison is because it does not lost even dead stingray, is when dealing with this at the fish market there is a need for caution. Once upon a time there also be used to spear destination cut the stinger, remove the toxins also from within by dividing, he such a dangerous thing that this also was also there to use as poison arrows.

Stingray is a fellow of the cartilaginous fish that belongs to the eagle rays order rays suborder Stingray family stingray genus, English name is referred to as the Japanese stingray, akajei of scientific name is that of that derived from the Japanese name that akaei. Widely distributed from Hokkaido to Southeast Asia, since the dive shallow sandy bottom eat benthic organisms including shellfish such as clams, which is a kind of insect damage organisms that are very disliked from such as clam farmers.

Shark and stingray is the same cartilaginous fish, born child is not in the form of an egg, which is coming out from the belly to the same figure as the parent in the same way as shark "ovoviviparity fish". Since the birth during the spring and summer, Shun of the stingray is said to be the time of the spring and summer.

And, I think the cloaca of the stingray is said to be similar to the people of the female genital region as can be seen by looking at the image of the above, because the things of this time happened to the female, it can be well understood. Although there is no male images, with two sex instrument that also clasper was a similar form to that of the mammalian male.

From such a figure type, females have been also called "courtesan (Keisei) fish", there is also this interesting (silly) folk tales, such as the following.

"Love of the courtesan is bring money." there are senryu that has been marked, the courtesan (Keisei) it means that drowned in the charms of beauty destroy tilt the house. The courtesan fish is that the fish such as wicked woman and prostitute to fool the man with charm, is this courtesan fish is that of the stingray.

Why stingray called wicked woman and the prostitute, this is "poking a holes stingray, boy is scolded," as there is a senryu that has been marked, it seems to stingray hole of there are things that led astray the adult male .

There is a thing that has been written in the old days of the anecdote book called "strange chat collection". In it, after the Onin War of the Muromachi period, messenger was looking interspersed monk, in the seaside fishing village of hermitage of Ise Province, when the boy was brought tea ask anchoret so strange figure of, anchoret is answered, "he is a child of the stingray." When asked the reason for wondering this,・・・

On one occasion in this fishing village, return with to house celibacy of young people are caught a stingray, it the place where the surface of the belly had been placed in the top, and stingray excretion port very similar to those of the woman, is it because those that twitch, had raped it becomes with strange mood. Although he emotion in this and it was returned to move stingrays into the sea, came out stingray in a dream by the time that has passed just ten months, so say, "Please take back because you put your child on the beach", thing that was crying baby of strange figure I went to there.



Now, when such a little naughty Small Talk, or would have came out interested in a little even stingrays not much rellation daily ...? , So let's describe the specific theory for the "eat a stingray" is below.

First perform in the following steps the work that corresponds to the three pieces dismantling of bony fishes.

Stingray of dismantling (until 3 split) process
アカエイ アカエイ
1, Cut off the tail fin. 8, Take out the rest of the internal organs.
アカエイ アカエイ
2, Shake the salt on the surface of the back side. 9,State after the removal of the internal organs.
アカエイ アカエイ
3,Shake the salt on the surface of the ventral。 10,Put a knife so as to surround the gills
アカエイ アカエイ
4,Rub the surface with a scrubbing brush, take a firm sliminess. 11,Take out the gills。
アカエイ アカエイ
5,Put the knife on the lower side of the abdominal cavity of the bone in the middle of the abdomen. 12,Put the knife on the right side of the backbone, removed off the right half.
アカエイ アカエイ
6,So as to surround round the abdominal cavity, put turn the knife. 13,Put a knife on the left side of the backbone, remove off the left half.
アカエイ アカエイ
7,Taking out a large liver from the abdominal cavity. 14,The state of the three-way split, including the backbone.


Finished work that needs to use the water in the above, the following is the preparation work for the sashimi and sushi, and fillets.

Preparation process to the stingray of sashimi, sushi, fillets
アカエイ アカえい
1,Remove the gills root of the hard portion of the left side of portions. 6,Remove small buttocks fin on the left portions.
アカエイ アカえい
2,A state in which the left side of the cartilage portions has been removed 7,Cut off a large yellow fin part and the white body portion of the side.
アカエイ アカエイ
3,Remove the root portion of the right side of the gills. 8,State that separates the yellow fin portion and body.
アカエイ アカえい
4,To make cartilage portions does not remain. 9,Remove small buttocks fin to the right portions.
アカエイ アカエイ
5,Remove the backbone, the state after removal of the cartilage portions under gill 10,Disconnecting the yellow fin portion and body

Now in this, bone is only the leave the bone in the middle of the back and abdomen, the following is a step to commercialize the sashimi and sushi.

Stingray thin sashimi process
アカえい アカエイ
1,Cut the body parts from 5 cm to 8p width. 6,portions of white leather, medium bone, the site of black leather, disconnected into three.
アカえい アカエイ
2、Relatively narrow portions is broad, wide site is cut narrow. 7,Isolate all the blocks shirokawa portions, the middle bone, black skin portions.
アカエイ アカエイ
3,Put a knife along the bone in the middle in a state where the white skin above. 8,In a state in which the skin was down, put the knife in uchibiki way.
アカエイ アカエイ
4,State that separates the portions of white leather. 9,To separate the meat and the skin with a knife.
アカエイ アカエイ
5,Black skin site of the above, put the knife along the bone. 10,Dibided state of white skin, black skin, the portion of the meat.
11,Stingray thin sashimi that was created in a way that crosses the fiber


The image above are making the body portion to thin sashimi, next is the site of the breast fin in the thin sashimi, it is obtained by adding in the sashimi.

Process of sashimi adding a thin sashimi of breast fin
アカエイ アカエイ
1,Between the meat and the skin of the breast fin, put a kitchen knife in the manner of uchibiki.

6,Remove the bone located between the meat and the meat.

アカエイ アカエイ
2,After you remove the black skin, to remove the yellow skin of the opposite in uchibiki way. 7,State of only chest biar meat removal of the medium bone.。
アカエイ アカエイ
3,At the top is yellow skin, the middle is the meat, the fron black skin,it was divided in this three. 8,Wrapping the meat of the breast fin like a bouquet.
アカエイ アカエイ
4,Both breast fin meat of the removal of the skin. 9,State you have finished up the breast fin meat.
アカエイ アカエイ
5,Separate the breast fin meat at about 5 cm width. 10,Gather the winding bundle of breast fin meat.
11,Completion of the stingray of thin sashimi plus the winding bunch of breast fin meat.

The following is the nigiri sushi of the process.

Stingray nigiri sushi (gunkan sushi entering)
1,Disconnec the thick muscle fibers breast fin meat along the muscle.
2,Large and small, including the long and short, use the topping of gunkan sushi mixed together.
3,And the breast fin meat to the length of the five fingers, to make the material of the sushi nigiri and thinly slice it.
4,Stingray breast fin meat of nigiri sushi and gunkan sushi of assorted sushi.

Now, although the nigiri sushi and sashimi of Stingray was completed, I wonder readers of you do not have one simple question. For example, "it is I'm good at it...,... In the hear story well, sashimi and sushi of stingrays is....., Are not you smell piss?".

To that question, let me first description. The answer is "not quite smell!".

Well in the street called " meat of sharks and stingrays is a strange smell." The cause contains urea in the body, and freshness fall, is decomposed urea to ammonia by the action of microorganisms, there is a characteristic body fluid composition consisting of smell is the thing. But It does not smell when they are alive, not at all smell during post-mortem also good freshness.

When little scientific explains that urea is as follow

Salt concentration of the sea is a high-salt and high osmotic pressure environment of about three times the body fluids of a mammal. Since water is to move to a higher environment from low osmotic environment, the meat of mammals and are thrown into the sea, but would have been dehydrated from the body to outside the body, animals that live in the sea, there is a mechanism for escape from dehydration.

For example, as one of how it works, there are "osmotic pressure-adapted" to escape dehydrate the body fluid be the same as the seawater as hagfish. Aquatic animals is generally a nitrogen metabolites occurs as a result of life activity discharged from the gills to the environmental water in the state of ammonia. This is referred to as ammonia emission-type animals.

The second mechanism is, has the function of many of the bony fishes issues a salt strained seawater in the gills to the outside of the body. This is a fish of the mechanism of the "osmotic type". These salinity in the bony fish was absorbed along with the seawater is excreted been concentrated from the gills or more in seawater.

And the third group, which is a fish of the osmotic pressure corresponding type that is "to adjust the urea corresponding to the high osmotic pressure environment of seawater," performed by the fellow sharks and stingrays of cartilaginous fish.
Sharks and stingrays are, so as not to be dehydrated in seawater of high osmotic pressure, accumulated urea in the blood, the osmotic pressure of the blood plasma (fluid) has increased in seawater par. Then the kidney was complex structures, increasing the blood plasma urea concentration to recover substantially all of the urea.

Urea is said to inhibit many of the enzymatic activity of the cytoplasm, but the function of cells, such as nerve cells and blood plasma urea concentration increases in humans is failure, even if the sharks and stingrays increased blood plasma urea concentration, the cell function is not inhibited.Sharks and stingrays is he corresponds to the high osmotic pressure environment of seawater by accumulating a large amount of urea in the body. And urea, not only because of the discharge, used as osmolytes to adapt to the high osmotic pressure environment of the sea, has been effectively used to live should be originally discharged, such a mechanism It is called "urea osmotic animal ".

Their body fluid osmotic pressure is approximately equal to the seawater, in most cases, slightly higher than the environmental water. The underlying this high osmotic pressure is urea accumulated in the body. By this, not only there is no danger of being deprived of the body of water, the water flows into the body from the outside world in reverse. Namely cartilaginous fish is even in a high osmotic pressure environment of the sea, he can obtain the water without drink seawater. In addition to the urea also has a methyl amines such as trimethylamine oxide, which counteracts the adverse effect of the urea by these coexist.

Incidentally mammals, including humans, to enhance the osmotic pressure using urea. However, this is a phenomenon in the kidney rather than the blood plasma. Although concentrated and re-absorption of water from the filtered original urine in the kidney, the osmotic pressure of the medulla of the internal kidney is about three times the blood plasma in humans, the water by utilizing the high osmotic pressure from the original urine and of returning to the body, he as one of the factors that give rise to the high osmotic pressure urea. This phenomenon is that both referred to as "to take advantage of the urea to hold the water in the body", Namely body fluid regulation of using the urea is a mechanism that exists widely in spinal with animals.

"Shark fellow, how are adapted to the marine environment doing"

Summary than <Ocean Research Institute of the University of Tokyo Marine life science department physiology field Mr. Susumu Hyodo> PDF Documents


In other words, in such a reason, good freshness stingray is that there is no smell. Treat stingray not be, and eat in less than, I do not want to have a strange prejudice.

Well, cartilaginous fish such as stingrays and sharks, bony fish is present from the time of about 400 million years ago before to win the lung, they are lung also swim bladder not even have. Cartilaginous fish is has gained buoyancy by accumulating the squalene is a lipid of the density 0.86 of a small specific gravity than water in the liver, sharks and stingrays in the liver is very huge. Such as pelagic sharks particularly large liver, for example, blue shark weighing 500kg length 4m is that the size of the liver accounts for approximately 20% of body weight, is said to be the weight of only 3.5kg in water.

Stingray also has a large liver, because of good freshness had the information that is eaten in the raw sashimi, tried it also author.

アカエイ アカエイ

Remove the big liver as above image, but many times in order to pull out the blood changed the water, even if doing many times blood is not that it stops have exuded one after another, this is self-consumption is a good also to sell as a commodity was determined that not enough even how much time. I tried to be Serve sashimi style actually, but the form is not determined unstable, such as contaminated with blood oozing, was the very commercialized gave up is also possible to take a product image is determined that difficult.

Well in this month's issue, said a lot about the stingray, has been noted that on raw commercialization impervious to fire until here. Because I want to tell still be further stingray dishes made with fire, trying to be referred to the next page.

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