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Nov. 2018 issue No.179-2

Rich nature & multi-ethnic city Vancouver

Take the Amtrak to Vancouver

Let's write down the direction of Vancouver this time. From Seattle to Vancouver I dared to choose Amtrak which is managed by the National Railway Passenger Corporation rather than an airplane. I chose this choice because I used a high-speed rail called Trenitalia in Italy to travel from Venice to Florence but experienced a comfortable high-speed movement connecting two 250-km distances in two hours, so the North American railway It was because I wanted to experience it once.



The Amtrak Cascades is a diesel car rather than an electric train, with only two roundtrip flights between Seattle and Vancouver in the morning and a slower speed. It was a slow moving means of going to Vancouver for about 4 hours at a distance of about 150 km from Seattle.

Since there was information that the ocean view which can be seen from the car window is beautiful, I attempted to secure the seat of the window side on the Internet beforehand, Amtrak does not have the mechanism of the seat designation by computer. At Seattle station, before the conductor carries on the train, peel off the sticker on the seat and put it on the ticket of the passenger. Well now, seats were assigned to passengers in a rather primitive way that became very rare.

But when actually entering the train, there were less than half the seats in the car. And, as the conductor came in the car and cried out with a loud voice, "You can pick any seat without permission," the passengers who were sorted by those who are not seaside also moved to the seaside side. It was meaningless for what purpose she was assigned for that seat.

The seaside view from the train window is occasionally wrapped in a deep fog, sunny or cloudy, but the coastal scenery seen from the train moving at slow speed and slow speed is not very rich in variety, and there are similar sceneries one after another while showing, the train slowly advanced the north coast of the Pacific Ocean. It was five stations at the stop on the way to Vancouver.



I arrived in Vancouver as a good time as Amtrak which is 20 minutes late from the scheduled time. As for why it is 20 minutes behind, why is Amtrak not competitive in time compared to airplanes so it is more powerful for freight forwarding that can transport a larger amount than passenger transport with lower sales than an airplane It is because it seems that there is something to give priority to freight train over passenger train if there is something in it. Also, since the track has few double tracks and almost a single wire, there are plenty of waiting time with the train from the opposite direction and I have heard that it can not be ridden if you care about an hour delay.

Granville Island Public Market

As we arrived in the afternoon in Vancouver, we booked half-day sightseeing three hours after arrival so we were able to proceed as planned. This is not a private guide, it's a half-day tour planned by a tourism company, so I only have to go to the schedule silently, but I was looking forward because the schedule of the public market was also included in the schedule.

Mr. Yasuda, a specialized guide, talked plentily for 4 hours, from Vancouver's history to politics and economy, while strolling around Stanley Park, where the citizens of Vancouver are resting. Mr. Yasuda probably seems to be in the late sixties, but he is a strong man who has traveled over 70 countries around the world since he was young, now he lives 25 years in Vancouver, but he plans to return to Japan anyway It is said that.

Mr. Yasuda who has been traveling around the world for such a long time is a wonderful city to be acclaimed, that is the city of Vancouver. Vancouver City, which is said to be the easiest to live in the world in the media, is a compact city with a population of less than 700,000, and is similar in size to Seattle. Also this is a multi ethnic city where people all over the world gather like the Seattle, and Chinese people are the most noticeable after the white people, but everywhere I go to various national languages other than English I hear it here and there.

It is a public market in Granville Island, where there are abundant ingredients of each country that fills the stomachs of people in the various countries.

In the public market there are various shops where multinational people gathered materials to make their own cuisine, but what I was interested in other than the specialty fish is the display of fruits with spectacular colors and volume was. Especially small apples bought and eaten not only in Vancouver but also in Seattle every day, but it was fruit fond of deliciousness which is very toothy and not sour. I made eating habits to eat half an apple as a dessert at home breakfast and the small apple I ate in the US and Canada was just right for size and I wanted to bring it back to Japan if I could Because it is impossible on the quarantine, it gave up.




Canadian taxes are divided into federal tax (GST) 5% and state tax (PST), GST's fresh food item is 0%, so you do not have to pay as much as 8% tax like Japan. That's why prices are "cheap", so it seems that the lives of people with low incomes are not comfortable.

Also, in Canada, it is obligatory that both goods and public services are written in English and French, and some products are displayed in bilingual languages as in the bottom left image, but display in places like public markets as in the image on the bottom right, there was a lot of notation in English only, and I felt that bilingual display was not necessarily thorough.


Well, about fish, there were two fish shops in this public market, I felt that the content of the assortment is almost same as Seattle. And among them was the smoked product that was substantial. Although some were tightly packed for gifts, basically it was fulfilling the assortment of products that seemed to be well integrated into the eating habits of residents as everyday use. The images below are all smoke products, there was a posture to try not only soft and hard finish but also various ideas such as seasoning method and cutting method.




When I went to Helsinki in Finland last year, I am surprised by the fulfillment of smoked products. What is common in the same northern is that the climate has no sunlight needed to sun the fish. So it seems to be the wisdom of life that burned abundant wood around as natural resource, smoked fish with that smoke and preserved fish. I thought that the smoke products just represent the characteristics of northern countries.


Well the next day I was asking for a traveloco in Vancouver. The nickname of the person who picked me up at the hotel was Vancouver, sixties female. She said that she is doing the job of finance company accounting. The company said that because the weekly holiday is a working environment of 3 days, her schedule was working part-time in a guide when convenient.

Because we can occupy guides on this day, it is an advantage that we move in accordance with hope. First, western red cedar like Canada grew thickly and went to a forest recreation park for a fee. Suspension bridges were built using the richness of trees and rocks and the difference in elevation of valleys, which was crowded with many tourists.

My hobby is a do-it-yourself carpenter, sometimes I used red cedar in my own wood deck, I got pleasant smelling a unique sweet scent after a long time. However, because it is only that it enjoys a suspension bridge, we decided to hurry to another hatchery of salmon.

Although it is a little away from Capilano Forest Recreation Park, there was Capillano hatchery in a place not so far by car.

It was a facility that felt various ties with Japan. Normally it is written in both languages, English and French, but Japanese notation has been added in almost every place there as well as the following left image, and there was even a fine copper plate like the left image.


This facility was a dam plan of the Capillano River, there was a possibility that silver salmon, King salmon and others could not spontaneously lay eggs. This facility was built in 1971 in an effort to suppress the decrease of salmon by artificial hatching. In addition to the hatching release of salmon, the facility also raises awareness of the protection of the natural environment to society through salmon.

キャピラノ孵化場  キャピラノ孵化場

キャピラノ孵化場  キャピラノ孵化場

One thing I learned here was that in Canada the English name KING SALMON was called by CHINOK and SILVER SALMON was called COHO. I was confused because the name of the salmon that I supposed to know is represented by unfamiliar characters. But when I think about it well, I thought that this was no strange thing, because the same fish was called by a distinctly different name in Japan. By the way, RED SALMON is SOCKEYE.

Supermarket in Vancouver

After Capilano we asked traveloco to visit some of the supermarkets, so we first went to Loblaws City Market.

Loblaws City Market

When entering the shop, utilizing the making of the high ceiling, the display of the sales floor of the wall was abnormally large, and I felt the continental extent not to be crowded. Looking for the fish shop, a comparatively substantial sushi shop and a compact fish shop were lined up next to each other. I requested traveloco to ask the judgment of permission of the shop photo shoot, but as it was surprisingly OK, I shot the following image.




Most of the items in the sushi shop are winding goods, and most of them are somewhat rolled. Part of it is nigiri sushi, there are also inari sushi. And there were a few sashimi in the uppermost stage of the sushi case, but it was not feeling much selling. Among them, it was POP displayed as Party Tray in the upper left image. In other words, this is an order acceptance indication for Japanese sushi pots, I thought it surprisingly interesting that these needs are in Canada.

Because it was just before noon, we decided to eat lunch with eat in corner next to the side of the sidewalk section, together with traveloco, serving as a sample meal and lunch. I decided to sushi for lunch and 3 people to share.

city market city market city market

Dragon Roll $8.89    Temp SH Roll $7.89     Salmon Roll $6.89

The sushi which I ate in the past in the American supermarket had an impression that Shari was as tasty as hardened and not delicious. However, because the sushi at this shop is properly made in store, the hardness of Shari is also good enough so it was quite good taste.

The next thing I went to was that one of the shops in Yaohan that was developing in the world is nearby, and now I changed the name of the shop and it was surviving.

T&T  T&T

Now that the Chinese are operating under the company name T & T, the store name was Osaka. When asking the question of this store name to traveloco, it was a reply that "Because the image of high quality is established with the use of Japanese, it is a share of it". Indeed, I thought that the Chinese also managed Japanese restaurants and other places in various places.

It seems that Yaohan's form at that time is left intact, especially the fish selling place was the impression that putting power, such as placing live fish tank. I felt that it was a Chinese supermarket for Oriental people, so I did not ask for shooting.

Next I went to toraveloco was a store to recommend visit. I visited the city many times in the US city I visited before and visited the latest shop in Seattle the other day before, so I thought about it now. The store was Whole foods market.

whole foods market

There was still time left and it was only close, so we visited casually. Then, it was completely different in appearance from the latest shop located near the Amazon headquarters in Seattle, and the shop and this shop were different in appearance as to whether it was a store operated by truly the same company.

I thought that it might be OK for photography at this shop, asking permission from the fish shop floor employees, not only did OK got out but also took the pose.

whole foods market

This person did not end just by taking a pose and when he saw us as a Japanese, he mixed English and Japanese and spoke one after another at a speed not breathtaking about himself. He was named Mr. Michael and had a Japanese training in Japan for six years, so he had a bragging tale that he could do katsuramuki. At that time he said that he competed among the disciples of the shop whether the edge of katsuramuki could reach the ground from the 3rd floor of the building. Initially, he lost and did treats to other disciples but in the end he also told me that he began to treat from other disciples. And Osaka was a short time, such as a story that the city is too big and hateful but it was a very pleasant one.

Actually, there was an interesting digression, before telling Mr. Michael to ask for photographs, I saw tilapia in that fish selling area and talk about that fish is a freshwater fish native to Africa calling it izudai in Japan and it is not delicious at all. I was on a traveloco. Then Mr. Michael said from himself "Tilapia is not tasty ...", so it was felt a chill that I was not talking about it.

whole foods market  whole foods market

whole foods market  whole foods market


Next was the local regional supermarket located only in Canada, which has about 70 stores in BC and Alberta states called Save On Foods.

save on foods

What I particularly hoped for traveloco was a local company that could not know without going to such Canada, not Holes Foods. Again, when asking for photography, it gave me OK OK lightly and easily with the feeling that it is interesting. I felt this point was completely different from the United States.

save on foods  save on foods

save on foods  save on foods

The Vancouver fish shop was almost the same as Seattle. First of all, the main power is raw salmon, then cod has come and a block of halibut, tilapia, baza, fillet yellowfin tuna (Ahi tuna in Canada), shellfish such as oysters and clams, and crabs in frozen shrimp. Other than that, the main product of processed goods is smoked salmon, plus smokefish products and ready to cook products, the selection of fish shops is almost decided. A round fish is a small growing rainbow trout as a standard, and other round fish are almost none. I think that Vancouver and Seattle's fish shops are almost together, and I felt that apparently there was no big difference.

First Nations

first nations

There were various things that I felt in Vancouver, but there are things that were particularly impressive as a surprising fact. It is a shallow Canadian country that has only 150 years since the founding, against the indigenous peoples who are called First Nations, taking into account the feelings of reflections made during the past settlements, now it is important It is to be done.

Canadian indigenous people, which account for nearly 1.8% of Canadian citizens, are called First Nations. And what they call Canadian Indians is regarded as a discriminatory term. Today about 55% of the people live in a specific area called "reservation place", and people living in houses equipped with water supply and sewerage account for 80% or more. However, until the 1960s, there was no electricity, no water supply, no sewer system was established and living environment was not maintained.

First Nations is now able to receive certain rights, benefits, social security, etc. by federal law. And its unique culture has been reevaluated as a key to community pride and independence. Their language, culture and history subjects have been adopted by schools, centers that preserve indigenous culture and languages, traditional faith and customs are built around the country.

The image above is a totem pole standing in Stanley Park. The implications of them are that they represent the origin of specific individuals, respect the achievements of the deceased before their life, and the successors built it, so that family lines and births are known like family crests.

I wanted to touch a part of its own culture, and the dinner of that day was given travelcoo a reservation at an indigenous restaurant operated by the person of First Nations.

first nations

The name of the restaurant is Salmon n 'Bannok, and even if you go through that front without making a reservation, you do not even know that it is open, probably the appearance that one shot customer probably will not get inside was. When we entered, there were reserved guests crowded one after another and it was crowded and it felt that it was a big prosperous restaurant. The secret of its prosperity seemed to be because the owner Mrs. Iennes was very friendly and cherishes the customer very much. Responding to the customer seems to be like a family and seems to have many repeaters.

Mrs. Iennes talked closely to us who had been waiting to order food and being carried, and opened a Japanese magazine and showed it.

It seemed that she wanted us to know that it was included in one of the Vancouver feature pages that was on that magazine. She talked about herself being CA of Air Canada but she certainly felt slightly scaled that she would have been beautiful then.


Bison Pot Roast $32 Sockeye Salmon Grill $29


And the dish selected by us is the above image, the left is American bison's stewed dish, the right is salty steak. Bison was positioned as an important food for First Nations, some tribes did not have agricultural culture, they seem to have relied on Bison for all of clothing, shelter and living. I was interested in what wild cattle bison's dish would be anything, but it was surprisingly soft and odorless and very delicious.

Another Sockeye Salmon is red salmon, as I mentioned above, I was able to travel through Vancouver and know that there is such an alias. The trip this time was just like "soak in salmon" I ate salmon so well, but the thin flavor of this shop is a bit different from the dark taste of the store so far and I like the taste I like was.

Summary of the trip

Well, this year's "overseas fish circumstances" has become so long so let's finish it soon. Actually, since I traveled the rest of the day without including the date of moving, I will not write a full day. However, as it was only pure sightseeing in Victoria, Vancouver Island, such as Butchart Gardens and afternoon tea at Empress Hotel, from the original theme, I decided that it would be better not to lengthen the sentence further by writing it .

What can be said as a summary of this time is that "travel is an encounter." Although freedom of action was restricted somewhat by stopping the movement with rental cars from this year, I felt that encounters with people increased as an alternative.

Also, as many people who came across this time for the first time will know about the existence of this website, it will be my encouragement that it may occasionally peek at this.

Seattle and Vancouver are located at 47 degrees north and 49 degrees north North of 45 degrees north of Cape Soya in Japan, but both cities could have experienced a very temperate climate. It is strange because I feel that I came back to Japan and returned to Fukuoka at 33 degrees north and it might be colder than Seattle and Vancouver.

Such a temperate climate may be one factor that attracts people all over the world to two compact cities. It is a pleasure to have been able to visit such attractive cities and it is a good memory that I met attractive people.

Also, if my body is still strong at the same time next year, I would be happy if I could go abroad somewhere overseas. I will try hard for that goal.


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Let's notify readers who have read this month's issue to the end what happened with Amazon go later.

In shopping with Amazon go, my wife only received a billing email, and I wrote that the email was not coming to the author. Actually, the mail from Amazon go has not come to the author, but the receipt has reached some of the smartphone applications, and the total amount shopped and the item content we brought out of the store were to match.


The top is mail sent from Amazon go to my wife and has not been sent to the author. However, when I opened the Amazon go application that I am in my smartphone later, I confirmed the receipt and the contents of the following were written.

Amazon go     Amazon go

There is no doubt the purchase quantity and amount of money for both the wife and me. All of these items were brought out of the shop by me, but after all the way of Amazon go is to decide who purchased it with "Who did not bring the item outside the store, who picked it out of the shelf?" I found out that I would do it.

Within Amazon go 's shop, some groups, even if they try to make only one person account for the item, I think that it is impossible to do accounting alone if each person pick it from the shelf. In other words, if you do not let only one person pick goods from the shelf, it seems that it will be impossible to do accounting alone.

Also, the difference between my wife and me as to the difference whether mail arrives or does not arrive is that I am a prime member and my wife is not so.I do not understand how it is a mechanism that does not send mail to prime members, but at the moment, I'm not sure how it really is that mechanism.

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