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Raw Chum salmon skinfiring sashimi

The person with the question thinks it whether it is most of for words of "the sashimi of a raw chum salmon".

The upper image is certainly sashimi using a chum salmons not the freezing in raw.

It is common sense of Japanese "to have to never eat a chum salmon with sashimi in raw ".

When "the salmon must not eat raw" from old days of the Heian era in Japan, it seemed to have been handed down.

When that notorious anisakis and cestode are often parasitic on a natural salmon, and these parasitic worms enter the human body by mistake, there is it for reasons of what may cause a symptom called vomiting and the abdominal pain.

However, I can guarantee that it must be it to be a chum salmon in raw, because I made the sashimi of this image by a hand of the writer. And I eat this, and one's body has no problem after it.

As you know, the cultured salmon imported by Norway or Chile gets popularity of Japanese in sushi and sashimi so as to compete for a tuna and the top now.

The cultured salmon of the import is brought up severely in breeding managed fish farming ground to shut out a krill and the water flea which are a parasitic intermediate host. Therefore the parasitic worm does not exist at all.

It is enabled to eat a cultured salmon raw assuming 100% of parasitic worms not existing.

Not only the natural salmon but also mackerel and a saury, the cuttlefish have many parasitic worms such as anisakises, and the poisoning case that the risk is a salmon and the one which does not change so much, and did them if caused by the fact is not that it is unusual.

However, it is different from the circumstances of a chum salmon and can eat the sashimi of mackerel and a saury and the cuttlefish if I think to eat in Japan.

The body of the salmon does not have a deadly poison like a tiger puffer and does not prohibit that the law of the country eats a chum salmon in raw. Therefore you should be allowed to eat with sashimi in the same way as mackerel, but there is not the sashimi of the salmon in Japan in raw autumn.

Only a chum salmon is mysterious why it was never allowed to eat such raw.

In fact, it was the first time that the writer ate the sashimi of a chum salmon in raw this time.

I had experienced it when I went to Hokkaido, as for having eaten the Ruibe which refrigerated a salmon with sashimi of the half thawing as for the sashimi of the salmon, but there was not experience the sashimi of a raw chum salmon.

The sashimi of the cultured salmon of the import has a fact to be such delicious. Therefore I have been dragging thought to want to confirm this with once one's tongue for a long time whether on earth the natural raw chum salmon raised in the open sea which recurred by discharge business from the sea tasted what kind of.

And, including connection of the seminar enforcement of October, I decided to feature the theme of a raw chum salmon with now issue.

Assuming making sashimi, I laid in stock the raw chum salmon of female silver hair excellent at the freshness by airmail from Hokkaido.

This is a brand called "Ginsei" which hung to the fixed shore net of Hidaka, Hokkaido.

I recorded more than 5,000 tons of daily output that it became an aim of the golden age for the first time in this term after fourth 23 days a week of September began in the case of this year and entered into the fishing season.

It was a thing of the ways of 3 since 2010 seasons to break through the level by the end of September, and the price of the unloading place continued falling down, and it was to a price of the 600 yen/kg level about the female and the male was the same again and fell down from 300 yen to the price of the 200 yen level.

Particularly, the loss of a male price was big, and the difference with a female price became big.

As of 26th, the total unloading already exceeds 40,000 tons, and 5 takes an extra charge in comparison with the same period of the last year and maintains the standard that may greatly exceed fishery of the last season.

The chum salmon fishery takes big expectation by a current brisk change in the future, because there is it in a level next to 2009 when it was in the 150,000 tons level alone after 2008.

Because was an air transportation service to Fukuoka airport; the price of female silver hair of the image beyond 1,300 yen/kg, however, think that is the proper price that this cost on delivery should prepare for for the air transportation thing of the highest quality at the present time.

I started work to dismantle this at once.

Abdominal big spawn appeared. This is a maximum valuable part in a chum salmon.

It is a little less than 700 grams in these half brothers, and this is size to become 17% of whole weight.

It is decided that half of the spawn makes the salmon roe soaked in soy sauce and decides to do the remaining one side of the abdomen to salt the salted salmon roe.

I take an egg to pieces while untying spawn in hot water about 40 degrees Celsius or dilute salt water.

I exchange several times dirty water while I remove skin and a line, a dirt and confirming it well whether a parasitic worm is not in particular and let one one become independent.

At this stage, I completely remove these because refuse of skin and destroyed salmon roe is left in the bat.


I put it in dilute salt water for finish and I return a color and drain off water with a colander.

I prepare for kombu soy sauce and add sake at the rate of 60% and I pickle it overnight and wait for the completion.

Next is salt salted salmon roe.

At first I squeeze blood to get rid of fishy smell from the big blood vessel which is outstanding on the leather surface of the ovary. I pick at blood vessel in a toothpick in dilute salt water for the method and break it and catch blood vessel with a thumb and a forefinger and squeeze blood from big blood vessel.

The disposal of blood vessels is over and I make saturated salt water next and add sake lightly. And I open the ovary and massage it because saturated salt water turns around in the ovary well.

I wrap it up with kitchen paper and drain off water.

On the appliance which I do not collect water in, it is completed if I just put this as 1st.

Because it is hard to find it like salmon roe because it is not scattered, in the case of salted salmon roe, as for the parasitic worms such as anisakises, it is recommended to refrigerate below 20 degrees Celsius for a perfection defense once.

Then, it is slice work if salmon roe and salted salmon roe are ready to be completed.

There is the product offer method that is orthodox with being with skin in this way, but wants to add the product of the value of the tendency that, on the other hand, was different from it called "the boneless, the skinless product" a little.


Furthermore, it is the following methods to attract attention as needs of the times.

At first I arrange slices in a large container, and rake seasoning sauce next on the top, and, and finally, a topping only does the leek which it ticked away in these.

I display it in the sales floor, and the visitor will serve it with a tong as much as desired freely as it is.

And it is not rare now at all, but it is a foil firing product to forget.

I get ready to be able to wrap a fish in aluminum foil and assume it the following products.

If these preparations are completed, I will carry it out in this way in a sales floor.

By the way, it is finally preparation for sashimi of the chum salmon in raw.

I introduce this to reference to the last and do not recommend that everybody has a risk daringly.

For a method, I perform it by "skinfiring" like the following images.

In this way, it is certain that the parasitic risk can be considerably reduced.

It is a point that the parasitic worms such as anisakises are vulnerable to heat, and heat more than 50 degrees Celsius knows that they die without being able to tolerate it.

I am called "Aburi" by another name, and this is the method that is famous for the chopped bonito from old days.

I put the body of the chum salmon which removed skin on the ice and roast the surface to be thorough, and to strengthen the appearance including not only the leather but also back to the every corner.

It is a point "to roast both sides" not one side and will enhance an effect to deaden an anisakis in this.

It is effective for the parasitic worm removal to roast slightly harder.

I roast the skin which remained which removed skin in the occasion, and it is with fragrant reception when I carve and attach it to sashimi.

I perform topping of the salmon roe which I soaked in soy sauce on the sashimi and attach it to it after ticking away the skin which I roasted.


Salmon roe topping nigiri sushi of the raw chum salmon

A lot of salmon roe bowls

The raw product eating a chum salmon in raw can do an expanse so much in this way when I go.

It promotes attention for sense repeatedly, but this gains "a risk".

It is suspension of business now if an anisakis appears from mackerel and a saury in Japan. Therefore naturally it is suspension of business immediately after having sold the product of the raw chum salmon eating raw if an anisakis appears from the product which I sold.

t is a common-sense thought that do not want to start a raw product eating the raw chum salmon assuming such a risk.

However, it is thought that there is immeasurable business opportunity there because there is such a reality.

For example, it is said that the total of the world amount of production becomes nearly 2 million tons as for the famous culture Atlantic salmon as the salmon which I can eat raw in Norway, Chile, Canada, Scotland, Tasmania, and it is with enormous sales when I put them together.

On the other hand, as for the chum salmon, nearly 150,000 tons a year is fished in the whole country around Hokkaido and the Tohoku district, but may think about the straight food with zero except freezing Ruibe basically.

The raw average price which I converted from the national unloading quantity of the chum salmon is 2006, and, on the other hand, but it was low and there is a great difference between the average price of the Atlantic salmon which it is raw and can eat and 344 yen/kg with what around 1,200 yen/kg does now.

In other words a difference of the big value appears whether I can eat raw, or there is not even the same salmon. There is the reality that must accept that it is a low price in chum salmon because there is it without the added value that the chum salmon eats raw from the past to the present.

In a meaning called the national circulation of the chum salmon, the form of the fillet is mainstream not a round, and this will be one hint now when I thought that there is not the technique to add added value.

By the circulation of the salmon, a beech hair salmon enters the fillet product at the center and thinks that I rarely watch that a silver hair salmon enters there for the moment. I squeeze this only to silver hair and ascertain parasitic existence well at a stage of the dismantling and think that it is the thing which I cannot ship to the whole country as "the salmon which it is raw, and eats".

Possibly when and it is said, "I tried such a thing many times, only you know nothing" or people concerned "you can say a selfish thing because they are in the place of far-off Fukuoka that cannot know the circumstances," I scold you and may receive it.

However, a product for the sashimi which consumers called "the domestic production like in a natural product" will realize it if I can eat a chum salmon raw and, furthermore, it is cheaper than a raw salmon of the import and may provide it to a visitor.

And it was the taste that there was not of the habit that the fat of that cultured salmon was different from the quality of plentiful body in clearly when I expressed it about taste of the sashimi of the chum salmon of the life that the writer tasted for the first time this time.

Though it was felt, concerning the silver hair of the fixed shore net, the fat fully remained still more, and, as for nutrition having already shifted toward the spawn to some extent, it was able to fully right taste the taste of the nature fish in "season".

When the incubation discharge business of the salmon starts, and 100 years or more passed, I hear it, but the number of the salmon which lasts for several years recently, and recurs traces the decrease, and the price is sluggish, too. The incubation discharge business seems to be time to review the directionality after having been based on the past history.

I think whether it is the thing which a person founding the business to change the history not only holding the legend from old days for treasuring does not come out to without holding any question in "the warning of eating a salmon raw" that has been continued saying from the ancient Heian era.

It wants to change the reality that it can rely on only to an import cultured salmon to eat a salmon raw.

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