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A sashimi of hiratukuri for the Brassy chub.

I think that I might have heard the word "shore-burning of the sea".

I am called "the desertification phenomenon of the sea" by the phenomenon that the seaweed of the bottom of the sea does not grow.

It is the explosion of "the phytophagous fish" to become one of the causes.

For example, the Brassy chub of the lower image is a kind in the phytophagous fish, It causes the shore-burning acceleration that these eat away kelp coast in a group.

These fish are classified in order;sea bass suborder;sea bass family;Brassy chub subfamily;Brassy chub genus;Brassy chub, There is the friend of the Brassy chub genus called "the Noto brassy chub" which hardly gets the distinction by the appearance.

In fact, this image cannot yet distinguish whether it is Noto brassy chub whether it is Brassy chub definitely.

Because "Hachijojima illustrated book of reguregu" explains the point of this distinction in detail, In reference to it, I want you to determine which a reader belongs to.

The thing that is more important than drawing a sharp line between the fish which is similar so that nobody can easily tell the difference, Brassy chub is a fact making a cause of shore-burning of the sea.

The fishery resource of the Japanese sea near the shore comes under a big influence when I leave this problem, It includes a problem to lead to the fishery decrease in Japanese marine products.

Originally the word this shore-burning is a dialect of the Izu Peninsula east bank, It is the words that expressed the state that a fishing ground of the gelidiaceae of agar raw materials has declined.

Generally, the word shore-burning is used as words to express the phenomenon that a lobster and the fishery such as abalones giving life to depending on kelp coast decrease remarkably by death and the decline of the kelp coast.

The kelp coast is stock of a forest form and the grassy plain form that seaweed and seaweed create, It is a place of laying eggs and the habitation of fishery products and is an important base supporting coastal fishery here.

And it is the increase of the phytophagous fish class such as a brassy chub and a rabbitfish and a parrot fish that a shore-burning phenomenon comes out, and it becomes one of the causes that kelp coast decreases.

The brassy chub of this inside comes over to the kelp coast a big group and may eat up seaweed.

However, I hear that I add to power with a possession face steadily because this fish is not evaluated at all in the market and does not become a target of the business as a product without being targeted for fishery of a fisherman.

It is that "a unique smell" makes it to be common to a phytophagous fish class such as the brassy chub.

However, it is admitted as such, and market value is traded all right in a market depending on an area if I eat even if, for example, a rabbitfish and the parrot fish have the some habits because it is delicious.

I want you to refer because you take away these fish in FISH FOOD TIMES in the past.

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However, unlike these 2 fish class, it is thrown away even if the brassy chub is in the net by mistake.

We are called it by a common name "Unkotare and Babatare;as mean the fish which works as a lot of shit" in the Kinki district and am made a fool thoroughly why it is destined to be gone back up in the sea even if fished with much effort, and this is because there is never the business value in the fish market.

It is thought that this is because the brassy chub releases a lot of shit at the moment when it was caught whether this is because it disturbs an enemy like for a shock or a cuttlefish sumi when it caught it when I suppose the reason why such a poor common name is attached to the brassy chub.

It is approximately impossible that a brassy chub receiving such treatment forms a line in the fish section of the supermarket, but there is the opportunity when only an angler usually watches this because a brassy chub are popular as an object fish of the fishing for an angler.

I watched that fish landed in a fixed shore net in a certain local fishing port were gathered to the water tank when I spoke the process that I got a brassy chub of the upper image, and only one a brassy chub was mixed in that,and then the fisherman divided it free of charge generously when I unusually looked at the fish with interest, he said ”I did not need the money.....".

I was pleased very much, but for a fisherman, this fish is only the nuisance who is not profitable anyway.

Because a brassy chub which is a hanger-on does not become a target of the fishing, it seems to increase power more, and the big thing seems to become gigantic to size more than 70 centimeters.

The brassy chub which I received to a fisherman was a fish of around 30 centimeters in total length, and as for me who did not do fishing, the brassy chub of the hated person was the first meeting.

It is that I decided to be interested and to cook it like the following images whether it being the truth that "the brassy chub is not the thing which is stinking, and was eaten" or it which is noised about in the public is on earth what kind of taste.


I see something like dregs of the excrement near the anus when I open the abdomen.


This is perspective of the internal organs. I brought a nose close to this and smelled it, but there was not the bad smell in particular.


I brought a nose close to the abdominal cavity inside after having removed the internal organs and smelled it, but the bad smell was not felt here either.


Some colors of the body which I dismantled to three pieces were dark brown system, and the red color of the body was weak.


It is the feeling that the surface color that removed skin is dark rather than red, and is near earthlike color.

I brought a nose close to the leather fat part and smelled it, but the bad smell was not felt here either.

And I will finally try to eat it.

I terminated in a word when I tasted it when it was "delicious! ".

When the fat was carried on it and chewed the body, taste has begun to gradually melt.

As for it, as for no habit, there is the few smell, too; on earth ... and I wanted to say whether it was that where was bad.

Therefore because my tongue and sense of smell might become dull with a large quantity of alcohol of the previous night, I turned down the name of the fish called the brassy chub and decided to test seasoning to other people.

As a result, of plural people all the members were almost opinions similar to me.

People talks as if it were true; "the brassy chub was stinking and was not an edible thing", on earth I have wanted to say that it was whose opinion of wherever.

I was able to prove, "the brassy chub was delicious" in own experience after it was fished the condition in several hours and was a early days in July for a season.

And I left one half of the body as an only slightly severe experiment this time in the place of the temperature that was not cold for approximately five hours.

Though I tested it in the case of such a condition how long a smell occurred, I was not able to find the situation that after all any bad smell drifted.

It understands that there is unreasonableness to tie my experience to generalization loudly so that I overturn a negative opinion for the brassy chub because the number of the experiments is too few.

However, I think that it is harsh, and the brassy chub may be treated by unfair prejudice.

Because the brassy chub is "strong in a smell ", it is "not delicious even if I eat ", but it is generalization and, besides, it is to become "unworthy" because it is not delicious and is not traded in a market because it is of no value.

The brassy chub does not make a deal in a market; therefore, as a result, the brassy chub is not fished at all, and have everything on its way in the sea, and "a fisherman is not going to fish this" and eat away a kelp coast.

And, as a result, a kelp coast decreases, and shore-burning happens, and a fishery resource declines.

In this way, uncertain composition of the fishery in the current Japanese sea near the shore is transparent.

There are people who stood up when I want to do something about uncertain composition of such a fishery in Japan.

Named "Tabetemiten" where Nakamura Gakuen College of Fukuoka-shi used the brassy chub for materials developed "tempura" (fried fish balls).

I want you to refer because this product is announced in the press release of Nakamura Gakuen College.

I really purchased this at Hakata Station and ate, and the taste did not have a habit at all and it was not strangely sweet and felt it when finished in a simple feeling.

It is dialect-colored strong naming and is totally a product form such as the clay work of the child again, and it is hard to say with the too much refined product appearance. However, the taste does not make a show of eccentricity, and it is very orthodox.

The brassy chub which there was not of the product value will be reviewed to some extent until now if "Tabetemiten" will sell steadily in future

Even if a fisherman is not a thing having such high price to sell, I think that they are pleased with it being to at least certain sales.

Because this will reduce the brassy chub which is a hanger-on for a fisherman, I think that they feel it when to welcome the killing two birds with one stone.

However, a distribution channel is like only two places of the Hakata Station stand kiosk and I think that a volume has a limit "only at so-called level of the souvenir" for the moment.

After all it will be difficult to start result called "the prevention of shore-burning " in a true meaning if it is the general merchandising stores such as a supermarket or the department store, and the different amount of the figure does not come to be treated.

It is clear, and this can arrest the factor that "Tabetemiten"commercializes them as a part of the contribution to society activity called the social business.

As for the tempura (fried fish balls) product, it should be in the strong appeal point that there is not to other products now while there is it innumerably in Japan when it is clear that act itself called the product purchase of consumers is helpful for the society.

That, as for the existence of the product which can accuse the side, "it is at contribution to society a purchasing action" to a visitor, as for the seller side, contribution to society is active while it is not easily possible for the individual differentiation of various products that there is a number as for it for the general merchandising store either; will be taken pride.

I often watch tempura (fried fish balls) put in a vacuum bag in the fish section of the supermarket, but do not find the product which had a clear purpose called the contribution to society such as "tabetemiten" there.

I want you to examine that you treat this product in one's shop if the general merchandising store-affiliated reader is to be able to do it.

If the fisheries section of the general merchandising store expects sustained development in the future, the person knowing the environment of the present fisheries section thinks that it is better than anyone else and knows that it is important at all to prevent a fishery resource of the Japanese sea near the shore from declining ahead.

At first you should start from the just small stocking and assortment of goods which a person concerned with general merchandising store fisheries can do, and I think that you do next calls out to visitor each one come to in a shop and promotes the purchase.

If accumulation by little spreads through the whole country, I think that it becomes the big amount and will get closer to "the prevention of shore-burning " surely.

Japan is ichthyophagi from ancient times and is the marine nation among the seas.

It is a fishery resource of the seas surrounding Japan to be the foundation.

We will lose one of the national foundations when we deplete a fishery resource.

Start from small things.


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